Eye Treatments

We provide excellent eyelash, eyebrow and eye makeup treatments 

Mesmerising Eyes

We offer a range of treatments to make your eyes more mesmerising.

Eyelash Tinting is the dyeing of your eyelashes to make them look darker and longer. With this process, you will never have to worry about your mascara running again!  It also gives a great definition to your eyebrows.

Eyelash Extensions extend your existing eyelashes in length and increases their thickness to give you a fantastic new look, enhancing your eyes' appearance, making them look bigger, wider and brighter.

You can choose from a huge range of lash sizes, shapes and colours with which our lash designers will work to extend your lashes. Our lashes are manufactured from man-made polyester fibre, shaped to mimic the natural eyelash and are adhered to your natural eyelash using a special adhesives.

Our Natural to Glamour set give two hours treatment to fill out your lashes, to their maximum capacity; and last but not least an  infill treatment every two to three weeks gives you up to 45 minutes of tidying in the gaps.

mesmerising eyes from nineteen hair and beauty Farnham

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Eye Treatment Prices

Treatment Duration Emma
Eyebrow shaping (waxing) 15 minutes £10.00
Eyebrow tweezer only £8.00
Eyelash tint 20 minutes £12.00
Eyebrow tint 10 minutes £6.00
Eyebrow and eyelash tint 25 minutes TBA
Individual Eyelash extensions - Full Set 2 hours TBA
Individual Eyelash extensions - 2 Week Infill 1 hour TBA
Individual Eyelash extensions - 3 Week Infill 1 hour 25 minutes TBA
Volume/Russian Lash Extensions - Full Set 3 hours TBA
Volume/Russian Lash Extensions - 2 Week Infill 1 hour 25 minutes TBA
Volume/Russian Lash Extensions - 3 Week Infill 2 hours TBA
LVL (length volume lift) 1 hour TBA
Eyelash Extensions Removal 30 minutes TBA

The initial consultation at Nineteen in Farnham is free and is highly recommended for all eye treatments.

Please note that all tints and eyelash extensions, if not done before, require a patch test at least 24 hours minimum prior to your appointment.